The Fairy Godmother Experience

Okay, you know Cinderella, right? She's our girl, and, honestly, we think she would have made it to the ball on her own (eventually anyway!) She's pretty scrappy. (Don't believe us? Check out the Grimms' version of the story, where she leads the prince on a wild chase, climbs a tree to escape him, and then gracefully slinks away, unseen, into the night when he tries to chop it down. She's pretty rad.)

But it's also true that she gets where she wants to go faster with a little extra help.

Which is why, for the first time ever, we're offering a Fairy Godmother Experience for "Rapunzel's Circle II"!

In addition to everything you just got as part of Rapunzel's Circle 2, you'll also get:

- A video chat (or phone call or text chat - whatever you prefer) with both of us, where we'll help you figure out how to get as much as humanly (or otherworldly) possible out of the course. In this talk, which can happen whenever you'd like during the course, we'll talk about (or discover) your personal goals, help plan and celebrate a weekly quest or two, offer personalized insight into the tales, or simply be your sounding boards and cheerleaders.

- A follow-up email from us, after your chat, where we lay out your next steps and our personalized insights, research, advice, and encouragement.

- Access to an experiment that we're calling The Ball! On July 11th at 6PM EDT, we're going to gather online and watch the fabulous film Ever After together while live chatting. Before the show, we'll be available to you to chat, answer questions, and generally hang out. Fancy dress is encouraged but not required! To add to the celebratory atmosphere, we'll create and send a fairy-tale cocktail recipe to you in advance - this way, we can cheers each other from afar!

Basically, if you want more personalized discussion and feedback, this experience is perfect for you. It's also for you if you just really want to come to The Ball ;).

If you want in, you gotta act now though! This bonus is ONLY available through this page and your welcome e-mail!

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